About Mikey's Marshmallows

Like many people, until a few years ago, I was not aware gourmet or handmade marshmallows existed. The handcrafted Marshmallows I first tasted were a revelation—light and airy with a fresh taste. Very different from the chewy, often stale, store-bought marshmallows that I grew up on. I was intrigued enough to try making a batch.

I like to cook but am casual about following recipes and exact measurements. I learned pretty quickly that homemade Marshmallows, like most candy making, is more of an exact science. I now weigh all ingredients using a digital scale and use a candy thermometer for the best, consistent results.
The steps in making Mikey's Marshmallows

My goal when researching recipes was to create the best tasting Marshmallow with all natural ingredients. I wanted to avoid; preservatives, genetically altered products (GMOs) and add little or no food coloring. My research took me to a recipe, which replaces Corn Syrup with a simple Sugar Syrup. I chose Grass fed Kosher Beef Gelatin to reach a broader audience. When I add fruit it is by using dehydrated real fruit, which I find gives the truest fruit flavor. The recipe is simple; Mikey’s uses the least amount of ingredients and the most natural flavors.

When it comes to flavor, Marshmallows are like a great "canvas," they are great creative base to add interesting flavors to. After perfecting Vanilla Marshmallows I mixed up additional flavored batches: Strawberry, Toasted Coconut and Chocolate, and Caramel, with Sea Salt, of course. These tested so successfully that I tried some more not often seen in Marshmallow land, Ginger Lime, Apple Cinnamon, and recently Honey Toasted Sesame. I have also tried various alcohol-based flavors including Cherry Liquor, and Bourbon, among others.

Mikey’s Marshmallows are made in Hot Bread Incubates, a shared

entrepreneurs commercial kitchen. Special Occasions and promotions are welcome. Have an idea for an interesting flavor? Send it along.