The Road to Marshmallows January 28 2016

Hi my name is Michael Meyerowitz, and I make Mikey’s Marshmallows. 

Mikey as a young boy
I have had a life-long interest in everything food-related— cooking, eating, new ingredients, restaurants and the business of food. When the time for a career change presented itself. I knew I wanted it to involve food. After a career in Marketing, first as a Graphic designer, followed by Web Design and Creative Direction, I decided sitting in front of a computer day-in-and-day-out no longer suited me. I still enjoyed the design process, but missed the personal face-to-face interaction that, like most businesses, is now conducted almost exclusively online. I wanted to not only help market products; I wanted to make them too! 

After a six-month course in Restaurant Management at the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC, I was ready to I considered a variety of food business ideas. My first plan was to open a Café, but my training paid off, I learned enough to leave that for a better-funded entrepreneur. It’s a tough business involving high start up costs, with a not very high success rate. Plus, as everyone knows restaurants it would involve being tied to a location 15-20 hours a day. So I set out to choose a simple product that everyone has fond memories of, one that I could improve on and have fun marketing. 

I will use this blog to keep folks updated on Marshmallows—making and marketing, and my experiences as a small food business in New York City. 

-- mm